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CPH - Emabarkation operation:
Passengers with Independent Arrangements
Upon clearing customs passengers will be directed to their independent transportation or the taxi dispatch area. Passengers who are staying at a hotel in Copenhagen other than the Cruise Plus hotels in advance of the cruise must make their own way to the pier. Passengers may arrive at the pier anytime between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm to conduct cruise check-in.

CPH - Disembarkation Operation:
Ground handling staff will greet passengers on the pier and direct through to the taxi dispatch area or to their private transportation. Passengers must be able to carry off all of their own luggage without assistance in order to utilize this option. Porters will not be available to assist with luggage as they will be laying down luggage shoreside. Self Help walk-off should be limited to passengers with no more than 2 suitcases and advised that they can start to disembark at 5:30am. Independent Passengers (without a Transfer or Hotel Package) Passengers will disembark as soon as luggage has been laid down commencing at approximately 6:30 am. Upon disembarking the ship, Princess representatives will greet passengers on the pier and direct them to identify and collect their luggage. Porters are available to assist with luggage. Passengers will then be directed to private transportation or taxi dispatch area.

Flainefan (Margaret) from Cruisecritics. com boards tips:
1. There is a nice quiet bar right at the back of the ship, overlooking the aft pool. You can get to it from the Cafe Caribe area. It was particularly convenient for us because we had an aft cabin. You get a great view of the wake and the ports at sailaway. I can still see the Parthenon glowing golden in the distance as we left Piraeus. Though we did not order the bucket of beers' initially, the helpful barman there kept a tab and when we came to settle the tab he gave us an extra unopened 'bonus' bottle to take back to the cabin. 2. I have already mentioned the afternoon tea in the main dining room. Lots of delicious sandwiches, pastries, cakes and tartlets, beautifully served, with tea or coffee.
3. We enjoyed the wine-tasting on the first sea-day. We purchased some wines which were held for us in the dining room so we just asked for them at dinner. If you don't finish the whole bottle it can be held for you for the next day.
4. We enjoy a drink before dinner on our balcony. We make a quick trip to Horizon Court earlier in the day to make up a plate of nibbles (do-it-yourself canape's!). You can also get marinated olives and other free bits from the International Cafe by the Atrium. For just a nominal fee you can get tapas from there after 4pm (I think), and sushi and cheese selections from the nearby Vines Wine Bar.
This will be only our third cruise so I'm sure there are many things we have yet to discover. I'd be interested to know of others' top tips.

Barilla (Jennifer & Tony) from Cruisecritics. com boards tips:
1. I always bring a "shoe bag" with multiple compartments on our cruise. It is so handy to hang on the bathroom door to keep sunglasses, tanning lotions, shampoos, etc. and takes so little room. The bags can be purchased very inexpensively at the Dollar Store.
2. I also bring a collapsible linen box to keep change, room keys, ID tags, paperback books, etc. inside to keep things organized. You never have to really hunt around for these items that might otherwise be scattered about the room.
3. I will sometimes bring clothing and shoes with me that I was planning to donate to charity. When it is time to depart, I just leave these items behind. Very often the crew will not mind taking clothing and shoes that are in decent shape and either keep them for themselves or give them to other crew members. This will leave room in my suitcase for souvenirs, etc., that were recently purchased.
4. After buying my first bottle of water, I often will just keep the empty bottle and refill it in the Horizon Court to bring with me ashore thus saving money since I have eliminated the need to purchase other bottles. I also like to carry a "bottle strap" that makes carrying the bottle over my shoulder very convenient.
5. I always bring a large insulated mug so that it can be filled with coffee and brought back to the room early in the morning.
6. I like to bring binoculars so that when we are arriving or departing port, we can see alot of things that might not otherwise be seen.
7. I always carry a light weight gym bag that collapses easily in my luggage. This way, if I need it to carry items ashore, or pack items that won't easily fit in my luggage, I am able to do so easily. It is also great to have the bag in case luggage is overweight since some items can be put in this bag. Of course, with restrictions on number of checked bags and carry-on items, this tip will only be useful if passengers are in compliance with allowable pieces of luggage and weight. Otherwise, it can be pretty expensive to pay for the extra piece of luggage.
8. I like to carry a night light with me so that I can put it in the bathroom for night time visits.
9. I generally carry a clothes pin with me to attach both panels of curtains in hotels. Very often light seeps through the crack, and I find the clothes pin eliminates the light.
10. I always carry a spare inexpensive battery-operated watch with me. This way, if the battery dies on my watch, I won't have to spend valuable time trying to find a battery that will fit my watch. Of course, you can just carry a spare battery, but I like the spare watch in case something were to happen to the watch. (i.e. watch "accidentally" left by the pool, watch crystal breaks, etc., etc.)

Emerald Princess Baltic Cruise Guide
by Fafos & Grjava, 2009
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