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Stockholm, Sweden

  • Museums (5)
     » Skansen Open Air Museum
     » Stockholm City Museum
     » The Jewish Museum
     » The Royal Mews Museum
     » The Vasa Museum
  • Shops, Tours (5)
     » Absolut Ice Bar
     » Boat tours
     » Hop-on Hop-off Tour
     » The antique and art district shops
     » The Grona Lund Tivoli
  • Arch. Sites (4)
     » City Hall
     » House of Parliament
     » Old Town
     » The Royal Palace
  • Churches (3)
     » Adolf Fredrik's Church
     » St. Jacobs Church
     » Storkyrkan, the Cathedral
  • Gardens, Parks (3)
     » Rosendal Garden
     » The Bergius Botanical Gardens
     » The Ecological park
  • Palaces, Castles (1)
     » Gripsholm Castle
  • Ports (1)
     » Stockholm Port

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    Stockholm, Sweden

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    The City of Stockholm's service is built on the belief that the individual should have an opportunity to lead an independent life. For example, disabled have a guide service, so that they too can have access to the cultural and political arena. And with the elderly care, the aim is that old people should be able to live at home for as long as possible.
    The municipal care embraces a lot of the citizens' everyday life. There are approximately 650 professions represented in the organisation of the City of Stockholm, ranging from engineers to home-helpers and from chefs to archivists and architects.

    If you ask someone who has visited Stockholm the first word they would probably use to describe it is “beautiful” and that it is. Stockholm is a major international city with great shopping, quality eateries in abundance, fabulous standard hotels, an internationally renowned club and music scene and a vibrant cultural life. Where Stockholm comes into its own however is its sheer, natural beauty.

    Stockholm, as a city, is over 700 years old and spreads across 14 islands as it faces proudly out to the Baltic Sea. You can get to just about all of Stockholm¢s many wondrous sites on foot, which is the perfect way to see the city. You can also take a boat trip that will give you a different facet of Scandinavia¢s largest and probably most beautiful city.

    To qualify the natural “beauty” of Stockholm, try a summer morning stroll in Djurgården, a dip in Lake Mälaren from Norrmälarstrand, or a quiet moment to yourself in Hagaparken. We think you¢ll know what we mean.

    Stockholm, built on 14 islands is situated where Lake Mälaren opens up into the Baltic Sea. 30% of the central Stockholm area consists of water which explains why Stockholm is often called the “Venice of the North”.

    Stockholm is also a very green city; more than 40 % of the land owned by the City is made up of parks and open spaces.

    Food & drink!

    Stockholm is now widely recognised as one of Europe¢s most dynamic and exciting gastronomic metropolises. In Stockholm you find restaurants serving food with all different kinds of themes.

    A great city for the little ones

    Families travelling with children find Stockholm an especially convenient and pleasant place for holidaying. More importantly: kidslove the city! There are loads of things to see and do, games and amusements for children of all ages. Furthermore, many of these attractions are available free of charge, or at very low prices.

    Stockholm´s peerless Archipelago

    Stockholm Archipelago – a vast, fan-shaped maritime world of more than 24,000 islands, islets and skerries, of which only about a thousand are inhabited.

    The Millenium tour

    Södermalm, where most of the intrigue in the Millenium series takes place, used to be a blue-collar area of Stockholm and is one of fourteen islands that make up the capital city.

    The ¡shopholm¢ of Stockholm

    Stockholm is known as a leading design centre, and it is an important part of the city¢s shopping scene.

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