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Other Top Points From Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Port
Absolut Ice Bar
Adolf Fredrik's Church
Boat tours
City Hall
Gripsholm Castle
Hop-on Hop-off Tour
House of Parliament
Old Town
Rosendal Garden
Skansen Open Air Museum
St. Jacobs Church
Stockholm City Museum
Storkyrkan, the Cathedral
The Bergius Botanical Gardens
The Grona Lund Tivoli
The Jewish Museum
The Royal Mews Museum
The Royal Palace
The Vasa Museum
The antique and art district shops

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The Ecological park

Address: Ekoparken

The world's first urban national park, consisting of a continuous stretch of greenery extending from the Fjäderholmarna islands to Djurgården, and on to Haga-Brunnsviken, Frescati and Ulriksdal.

The scenery varies between meadows, lakes, hardwood forests and park-like areas. The park is important ecologically, as it is home to a large number of plants and animals, including many species of rare birds.

The buildings and cultural landscapes found in Ekoparken reflect the development of Stockholm and Sweden since the 17th century. Swedish kings such as Karl XI and Gustav III laid the foundations for the park by establishing the Djurgården hunting grounds and the Gustavian park around Haga-Brunnsviken and Ulriksdal.
General information

Phone: +46 +46(0)8 587 140 40
Website: www.ekoparken.com

The Ecological park Map

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