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The Bergius Botanical Gardens

Address: Frescati

This garden, on the shore of Brunnsviken, will give any visitor a reason to stay outside just a little while longer. The garden has more than 100 years on it's back and is now considered part of Swedish cultural heritage.

The garden's main purpose is to be a tool for education and research in the fields of botany and biology, but also to serve as a fountain of knowledge and be a recreational place for any and all visitors.

The botanical garden which is situated right by the shore, with low landscaping and trees and bushes from the northern hemisphere is a perfect place for recreation all year round. For those looking to see more exotic plants there is a Japanese pond, an exotic greenhouse and much more.

Quite frankly it's difficult not to find something beautiful in Bergius, and a visit is always a pleasant one.
General information

Address: Frescati, Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0) 8 545 91 700
Bus: 40 to Bergiusvägen
Subway: Universitetet
Homepage: www.bergianska.se (Swedish only)

The Bergius Botanical Gardens Map

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