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Skansen Open Air Museum

Address: Djurgardsslatten 49-51

Founded in 1891, Skansen is one of the major attractions in Stockholm. See some 150 houses and farmsteads assembled here from all over Sweden. Meet Nordic animals at the Zoo, "Mini-Skansen" and summer concerts. Enjoy Swedish traditional festivals, theme days and the famous Christmas market.
Vision, mission and strategic objectives
Agreed by the Skansen Board on 19th February 2008

Skansen shall be a world-class, open-air museum, enjoyed by all and accessible to everyone.

The Skansen open-air museumĘs mission involves pursuing the following tasks with focus on our visitors:
• Providing insights into SwedenĘs heritage and natural history relative to the present day and with an eye on the future. Popular education will have a fundamental place in SkansenĘs operations.
• Portraying life and nature in Sweden principally from the 18th century onwards as accurately as possible based on well-documented knowledge. Skansen shall conserve the collections of buildings and physical objects as well as species of plants and animals. Skansen shall also help to preserve:
(a) The diversity of the Swedish heritage with an emphasis on silent knowledge, customs, traditions and crafts.
(b) Biological diversity with the emphasis on Scandinavian animals and plants.
• Act as an engaging and enjoyable national meeting place and an arena independent of political or religious affiliations for diverse cultural manifestations. Skansen shall conserve and develop the site and its buildings as both a natural and a historical environment. And Skansen shall promote opportunities for all visitors to meet regardless of age or background.
Within the framework of its mission, Skansen shall, without detriment to its independence, quality and credibility, create a financial base that allows it to develop from its own resources. This will include active participation in a diversity of national and international collaboration.
The expression “focus on our visitors” is a promise to visitors that entails the following aspects:
• Skansen will confirm and develop its position as a major attraction for a large and diverse public of all ages and from all nations.
• SkansenĘs visitors will always be offered a diversity of events of the highest quality and shall be well received. At the end of their visit they should feel pleased and eager to recommend Skansen to other people, as well as wanting to return themselves.
• All Skansen staff shall “focus on our visitors” and shall actively help to ensure visitor satisfaction.


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