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Absolut Ice Bar
Adolf Fredrik's Church
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Rosendal Garden
Skansen Open Air Museum
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The Jewish Museum
The Royal Mews Museum
The Royal Palace
The Vasa Museum
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House of Parliament

Address: Sveriges riksdag

Well the name of the place is pretty self explanatory, but why go see it? The truth is, when Sweden decided to skip the whole "The King Rules the Nation" bit, it also decided that a governing body was in order and this building happens to be where all the decision-making officially takes place today. Of course we all know that most decisions take place on the golf -course but this building nonetheless offers a satisfactory and viable option to putting.

There are bleachers in the main hall open to the public, so listening in on a debate it easy. Although if it's not a matter of life and death, most representative chairs will be empty. Of course there is something oddly poetic about watching a politician speaking to an enormous and almost empty hall.

The building itself is situated right between the centre of town and the Old Town, on an architectural pedestal surrounded by water. The beautiful surroundings and friendly staircases that can be found outside and around the building offer many locals a place to sunbathe, eat ice cream and write heated letters to political figures. Basically this is one of the city's favorite places for loitering, you never know who you'll see.
General information

Address: Sveriges riksdag
Subway: Gamla Stan or T-Centralen
Website: www.riksdagen.se

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