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Oslo Port
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Akershus Castle and Fortress
Baerums Verk
Fram Polar Ship Museum
Gamle Aker Kirke
Hop-on Hop-off Tour
Kon-Tiki Museum
Munch Museum
National Gallery
National Theater
Norway's Resistance Museum
Norwegian Folk Museum
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Oslo Cathedral
Sightseeing Oslo Fjord and Boat Tours
The Holocaust Center
The Ibsen Museum
The Nobel Peace Center
The Royal Palace
The Viking Ship Museum
Vigeland Museum
Vigeland Park

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Akerselva Miljopark

Address: Akerselva

Akerselva is a pleasant park with walking paths along the Akerselva river. Walks start eight kilometres upstream, by lake Maridalsvannet, Oslo's main source of drinking water, and end at Vaterland Park by the harbour (close to the Plaza Hotel).

Discover traces of the industrial revolution in old buildings that were once mills, factories and workshops. Artisans' workshops are open to the public at Frysja. The Museum of Technology is just a stone's throw away from the walking paths.

Fishing and swimming are possible at several spots along the route, as is canoe hire towards the lower end of the river: take up the challenge of mooring elegantly while being observed by the in crowd at riverside jazz cafe Bla. Your reward: a lovely atmosphere and great music. For more details about the river and proposed walking routes, contact a tourist information centre or see the Oslo kommune/Park- og Idrettsvesenet map of Akerselva.

Akerselva Miljopark Map

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