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National Theater

Address: Johanne Dybwads plass 1

Nationaltheatret opened in 1899. The main building, designed by architect Henrik Bull, is situated in the centre of Oslo, close to the Royal Castle and the old University.
Today, Nationaltheatret is one of Norways five national theatres, and regularly presents classic and contemporary plays on five different stages, one of which is situated in the annex at the Torshov Theatre in eastern Oslo. The stages are: Hovedscenen (Main Stage) - 750 seats, Amfiscenen (Amfi Stage) - 200 seats, Bakscenen (Backstage) - 100 seats, Malersalen (Paintshop) - 60 seats and, Torshovteatret - 150 seats. On different occasions, eg during festivals, the theatre will also give performances, readings and happenings in other arenas – inside or outside the building.

The theatres ensemble of 70 include some of Norways finest actors. Almost 200 people - actors, technicians, producers, administrators - work on a permanent basis at Nationaltheatret.
Nationaltheatret is known as 'The Henrik Ibsen Theatre'. Every second year, the theatre organises the international Ibsen Stage Festival. In addition to the theatres own Ibsen plays, the festival invites Ibsen productions from all over the world. In 2006, centenary of Ibsens death, the theatre presented the biggest Ibsen Stage Festival ever.

With a central location in the capital and a leading position in theatrical life, the National Theatre, Oslo is Norways principal theatre. The National Theatre company has always included leading dramatic artists, actors, directors, stage designers and composers, providing a repertory of new and classical Norwegian drama as well as contemporary foreign plays, thus creating as many opportunities as possible to cultivate variety and versatility. The National Theatre celebrated its 100th anniversary during the season of 1999-2000.
The home of the National Theatre company comprises three stages – Hovedscenen, Norways principal theatre stage built in 1899 in late Rococo style, which stages repertory theatre; Amfiscenen, a flexible space refurbished in 1999; and Malersalen, a small studio theatre often used as a rehearsal studio.

Hovedscenen (Main Stage)
Seating: 751 seats total comprising 493 at level 1, 195 at level 2, 59 in level 3 and 4 box seats plus space for 4 wheelchairs, 6 standard seats lost through use; proscenium opening: adjustable, 10.5m W x 7.2m H; performing area: 14m W x 20.1m D x 18m H to grid, flat stage floor 0.8m above auditorium floor, main stage area incorporates 4 traps, each 2m x 4m plus 2 dual concentric revolves 12m and 7.5m diameter, crossover and dance floor available, get-in via 1.6m W x 3m H door opening onto rear stage at street level; forestage: 12.3m W x 3.3m D in front of proscenium; orchestra pit: electrically-operated 12.3m W x 3.3m D platform offering optional apron stage/orchestra pit with max 3.1m drop accommodating 25 musicians, no seats lost through use; rear stage: 13.8m W x 14.4m D x 6.4m H; side stage SR: 9.9m W x 15m D x 6.4m H; side stage SL: 1.5m W x 9.6m D x 6.4m H; suspension equipment: 28 motorised lines, max load 300kg each, 16 point hoists, max load 150kg each, 3 lighting bridges over stage, 1 lighting bridge over auditorium; soft hangings: black, blue and beige house curtain, beige legs and borders, cyclorama; lighting: AVAB Viking VLC 500-channel computer control, 324 x 2kw, 21 x 5kw dimmers, extensive rig; sound: Soundcraft 24-channel mixer; stage equipment: Steinway C concert grand piano, upright piano, tallescope, smoke machines; backstage: 30 dressing rooms accommodating 40 persons total, wardrobe, green room, laundry

Amfiscenen (Amfi Stage)
Seating: max 228 removable seats total; performing area: flexible within total auditorium dimensions 15.8m W x 17.5m D x 5m H; suspension equipment: overhead pipe grid for suspension of masking and lighting; lighting: AVAB Expert 200-channel computer control, 144 x 2kw, 6 x 5kw dimmers, basic rig; sound: MCA 8-channel mixer; stage equipment: smoke machines; backstage: 6 dressing rooms accommodating 12 persons total, wardrobe, green room, laundry

Malerscenen (Paintshop)
Seating: 65 removable seats total; performing area: flexible within total auditorium dimensions 10.8m W x 10m D x 3.7m H; suspension equipment: overhead pipe grid for suspension of masking and lighting; soft hangings: black legs and borders; lighting: AVAB 90-channel computer control, 32 x 2kw dimmers, no permanent luminaries; sound: no installed equipment; backstage: facilities shared with main auditorium; Air-conditioned and heated, availability: available through partnership arrangement only.

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