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Other Top Points From Tallin, Estonia

Port of Tallinn
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Botanical Garden
Estonian Open Air Museum
Kadriorg Palace and Park
St Mary's Cathedral
St. Nicholas Church
St. Olaf's church
Tallinn Zoo
The Old Town
Toompea Castle

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Address: Viru Square

Tallinn City Tour now offers 3 routes as the best way to experience the unique and romantic history of Tallinn. On your way from one stop to the next you will learn what's worth visiting at the next stop and why. And when you catch the next bus, you can do the same for each stop. All this is available with just one ticket until the time of expiry indicated on your ticket. You can locate the bus stops by looking at the map available on the bus. Have a pleasant trip!

Red line departures from Viru valjak

Viru Square start9:0010:3012:0013:3015:0016:30
Toompea Castle9:0510:3512:0513:3515:0516:35
Freedom Square9:0810:3812:0813:3815:0816:38
Estonia National Theatre9:1010:4012:1013:4015:1016:40
Art Museum of Estonia- KUMU9:2510:5512:2513:5515:2516:55
Kadriorg Palace Ensemble9:3011:0012:3014:0015:3017:00
D-terminal, Port of Tallinn9:3511:0512:3514:0515:3517:05
ABC-terminal, Port of Tallinn9:4011:1012:4014:1015:4017:10
Estonian Maritime Museum9:4511:1512:4514:1515:4517:15
Viru Square end10:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:30

Green line departures from Viru valjak

Viru Square start10:0011:3014:3016:00
Kadriorg Palace Ensemble10:0511:3514:3516:05
Song Festival Ground10:1011:4014:4016:10
Orlov's Castle10:1511:4514:4516:15
Tallinn Botanic Garden10:2511:5514:5516:25
TV- tower ( closed in 2008)10:2511:5514:5516:25
Pirita Convent10:3012:0015:0016:30
Pirita Port of Yachts10:3512:0515:0516:35
Russalka Monument10:4012:1015:1016:40
D-terminal, Port of Tallinn10:4512:1515:1516:45
ABC-terminal, Port of Tallinn10:5012:2015:2016:50
Viru Square end11:0012:3015:3017:00

Blue line departures from Viru valjak


Viru Square start9:3011:0012:3014:0015:30
Toompea Castle9:3511:0512:3514:0515:35
Kristiine Shopping Centre9:4011:1012:4014:1015:40
Open-air Museum9:5011:2012:5014:2015:50
Zoo / Shopping Centre10:0011:3013:0014:3016:00
Hotel Tallinn Mercury10:0511:3513:0514:3516:05
Train station10:0711:3713:0714:3716:07
D-terminal, Port of Tallinn10:1011:4013:1014:4016:10
ABC-terminal, Port of Tallinn10:2011:5013:2014:5016:20
Viru Square end10:3012:0013:3015:0016:30


 24 H / 250 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
48 H / 300 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
72 H / 350 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours

(special price for students, children 7-16 years old, seniors 65+...)

 24 H / 200 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
 48 H / 250 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
 72 H / 300 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours


 24 H / 650 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
 48 H / 800 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours
 72 H / 950 EEK - One PASS for 3 tours


Free with 24 h. / 48 h. / 72 h. Tallinn Card

Tallinn City Tour
Kadaka tee 62a,
12618 Tallinn
E-mail: info@citytour.ee

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